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Misery at EDC

To sum up last night in one word.....FREEZING! It was pure misery, I have never been so cold at a party before. If I knew how cold it would be I would had worn gloves, a scarf and two thick hoodies. It was like 41 degrees and windy. Plus the music sucked and it's by dancing that you warm up. Sure we danced and met people and saw fun stuff but my teeth were shattering and my nose was running and red. Makes for great photos. I had a thin hoodie to cover up with. We both agreed that last night was hands down the worst party we had been to but still stuck it out until 3. Even though we hitchhiked with some cops in a golf cart at the party, they drove us to VIP style to get beer and they definitely broke some laws. ;-)
More pics will be up next week when I can use my computer at a Starbucks or the cold kind of made for less pics and not as cute due to hoodies covering us up and red noses.


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Paul on :

Sorry to hear that, I trust you are better prepared today. Get some hand warmers, we always throw in a few in our jackets.

Tatiana on :

I did dress warmer but still cold. Oh well.....I survived.

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