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New President - Change?

So it is accounted for now, the new president of United States Of America, the 44 th number wise, is Barack Obama.
Tatiana is not a political science major but she did some comparison between Obama and McCain, and she def would rather have Obama as president.
It is a little weird that there are only two parties to vote for really, there are more choices in Sweden, a broader array of the spectrum so to say. Seems more fair and normal, doesn't it? Tatiana couldn't vote, remember.....she is not a US citizen, otherwise she would had taken time out of her day and voted.
So, let's see now if there will be any change........ Immediate change is probably to be overly optimistic, things take time. Tatiana would like to see changes in healthcare, meaning free healthcare for all. No more war. And a stronger economy, so lots more people will be spending money on lap dances from Tatiana like there's no tomorrow!
In about an hour Tatiana will be calling her Mom that lives just outside of Stockholm. She knows her Mom is ecstatic now that Obama is in the White House, Tatiana's Mom loves Obama.
Tatiana likes Obama too, he seems nice and he is cute. Maybe he can come in to The Bush if he comes up to Alaska? Then he and Tatiana can discuss change and what that means. Tatiana is going to write him and suggest that he pays her a visit.
Hopefully this day is a good day for the whole world.......
Many hugs, T.


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