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Soup In Bed

I just finished eating a hot bowl of lentil soup in bed, I looooove lentil soup. My my absolute fave soup is Polish barszcz, it is beet soup, sounds weird but I love it.
Came home from work a while ago, no more internet at work, at least for now. Note to self, IF I am still here next year around this time I should go away in April and May. Work has been so boring and so slow for weeks. I was making more money in January and February than I am now. There is only so much of lameness that I can take. Especially after the no internet thing too. Whatever!
I was starving before work. Had to stop at McDonald's for some apple pie and a coffee, did the same stop yesterday too. The only other thing I get from McDonald's, which is the busiest food place around here btw, is the caramel Sundae.

I have been running the last couple of days. Mind as well, according to the weather forecast there will be rain here today and Friday. In other words, a few lovely days are awaiting. I should drag myself to the bathroom and wash my face and take out my contacts before I fall asleep. Goodnight!


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