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There was no internet connection at work earlier so I couldn't get online until now.
And it is 1 am and we are done for the night. Work was boring torture as it has been lately. I am so over it at this point that I am not even going to bother talking about it anymore, until something fun happens. SO OVER IT! Fucking lame. BARF!
I spent almost the whole the day yesterday outside with Chhaya. She is so amazing.
We laid out, I finally got some sun on my pale legs.

Chhaya lays around and enjoys the sun for hours. I just want her to enjoy life. That is what dogs are supposed to do.

Then I did yard work. Yard work......that sounds.....OLD. LOL! I found a few more of Chhaya's poops in the soggy grass, it's like finding a surprise gift.....kind of. Then I raked and cleaned up the yard. I want green and lush grass in a few weeks. So I can feel it in between my toes.
Later on I took a shower, washed my hair that has been soaking up that argan oil since the other day, shaved and arrived at work. This was my outfit for the evening. I made
$ 11, my special number. I am rich! Blowing it all on some meth and a toothless hooker when I wake up.


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Annette on :

Aw.....Chhaya what a beautiful bad ass smile! Jax has a black studded coller to make him appear tough when we go on our walks:-) I am going to try that oil on my hair!

Tatiana on :

Look for pure argan oil. Josie Maran has argan oil for the face and the hair, both are sold at Sephora, I haven't tried it yet but heard good things about it. You can find other brands with pure argan oil too. Like Acure Organics. Massage it in to your scalp. Leave it in. I leave it in overnight, sometimes longer.

Chhaya has a black studded collar too.....

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