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Yeaaaaaaay.........I am at the laundromat, it is my FAVE place to be! :-D NOT. But I had some large stuff to wash that won't fit in my washing machine at home and some sneakers too so I had to come here. I am slightly grossed out by public laundromats, imagining what nasty stuff people might wash. Like me, washing my sneakers for example! One time when I was here I spotted a long pubic hair laying on top of a washer. I was like, HELLLOOOOOO........! Yuck. We all have pubic hair but I don't want some strangers pubes anywhere near me or my clothes.
So anyhow. Eleven is my favorite number, I see eleven everywhere and today just as proof that it really is my special number I found eleven cents in one of the washers before I put my clothes in it. Coincidence? I don't think so.


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