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I have an idea for a fun thing for work. Not only do I have a spay and donation fund going for cats and dogs. Which is filing up slowly buy surely by the way. I put in some of my own money almost every night and I ask for donations once in a while. Now I am going to have Tatiana's Tampon Fund. Why? Just for fun. I am very childish and silly in many ways and I like that. I am not a Mom that needs to be some kind of a serious role model for my children or a person that acts boring in general. So I have to spend some time working on my tampon fund donation jar. Not sure if I will start on it this afternoon. I need to eat, hang out with Chhaya and take a bath before work. ME time. But when it's done I will make sure to put up a pic of it here (of course......!) I am starving. Time for some chips with melted cheese on top and some fresh locally made salsa, mmmmmm........!

I just thought of something. Maybe I can use the tampon fund for something good? Like the proceeds could go to some real charity out there for girls and women. Like a shelter.
Of course I make enough money so I can buy my own tampons. Duh!
The tampon fund is my way to break up the regular monotony at work. But I am going to look into if I can actually do something with this fund. Once I have the jar decorated and ready for $ collection.


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