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I had a fun night at work tonight. I got home a while ago, right now I am in bed, freezing under the covers because I just had to eat some ice cream. How can ice cream taste so heavenly? I had Ben & Jerry Banana Split and yes I ate the whole container.
I always finish the whole thing. It tastes too good not to.
What makes work fun? The people I meet and the conversations I have. Tonight was a good night. I met quality people.
So I thought I would measure my heels just to make sure they really are 7" because I used to think that they were 6 1/2 but they are almost 7, right underneath the 7" mark. I am a little tempted to try the 8" heels. They look really high, like stilts, but they do wonders for the legs. I have seen girls with short, stubby legs put on some 8" heels and the transformation to a long, lean leg is instant. I have long legs but with my heels on they appear to be really long.

I like these two 8" heels by Pleaser (Bejeweled 801DM). Nice!

This is what I had on tonight. Those black things are leather cuffs with rhinestones, one around each wrist.

And when it was all said and done I had 225 dollar bill balls to unwrap (stage tips only). And one hot ball (the red thing) to suck on. Unwrapping all those dollars takes a long time. I finished about half and going to do the rest tomorrow.

But now I am going to sleep, my eyes are closing on me. I love sleeping.


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spot-on on :

Drop in to say hello and keep up the good work Poland.
I adore you and your wittiness.

Tatiana on :

HI spot-on! :-)
At least somebody likes my wittiness......!

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