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Woke Up Too Early

I woke up too early today because that boy dog that likes Chhaya came by again.
Third time since last Sunday. So Chhaya was barking and whining. I had to call the owners (again) and ask them to come and get him. I would never let Chhaya roam around miles from the house by herself. I would be worried that something bad would happen to her. I have a friend that let his dog out once and didn't see the dog for three days, that poor dog had been trapped in a snare. Luckily he somehow survived.
People let their dogs run without supervision all the time and next thing they know the dog is gone. Irresponsible I think.
So.......what can I write about today? Well, how about this. A sick and evil pedophile recently got released from jail. Manipulated his electronic bracelet device. Then went ahead and abducted a woman and her 10 year old daughter. Raped the little girl in front of the Mom, then murdered the Mom. He got apprehended and is back in jail.
I could write about stuff like this every day. What I don't understand is what he was doing out in society in the first place, why was he released from jail? It seems like pedophiles are repeat offenders, therefore I strongly believe in chemical castration. Should be mandatory punishment for all convicted child molesters and rapist. What is wrong with (some) men? Really!? You don't hear of women (often at least) attacking children and raping them or other guys either for that matter. Sure women commit crimes but what is the problem with men? When I hear about cases like that I get so sad. That poor 10 year old is without a Mom now, she knows that her Mom got murdered. And she lived through a traumatic rape. Nice start on her life. Scarred forever.
I just thought of something else Larry (from the other night) told me. He said that there is never such a thing as a bad day or a problem. I told him that I didn't agree. I am a realist.
Of course there are bad days and problems. Obviously, look at what I just wrote about. Larry said he is an optimist and for him there are no problems or bad days. Hmmmmmmm.........Then he said that I might change my mind on that when I get older. Perhaps. Change is a part of life. I am aware of this. He also told me that he used to shoot coyotes in his younger days, kind of just to shoot them. And that he now regrets doing that. He said, "For what?". He no longer believes in hunting as a thing to do for fun. That I liked to hear. Hunting just for fun? Barbaric in my opinion.


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Angelica on :

That dog was lucky crokkiey was inside or we both know how things would of ended. The owners seem irresponsible and need to keep their doggy on a leash unless he is sneaking out. So sad about the rape and murder. Ughhhh my heart and prayers go out to that innocent girl. Stories like that make me question the meaning of life and how people can do crazy sick shit like this to others? Wow!!! Saying a prayer now for all victims of these kinds of crimes!! Peace and love to all!

Tatiana on :

Yeah, like how can you explain "the meaning of life" to people that have to go through awful things like that. Were is the meaning in THAT?

Juliana on :

The Native Americans say that if you fear death, you
are not truly alive.
I know in my heart that I will once be reunited with Ziggy,
Zoe and Daisy. People are great but I know that there is no
other love than the ones we have with animals. I'll send you
the link about the amazing connections we have with dogs via email.
xoxo :-) It was great talking with you today.

Tatiana on :

I don't know whether I fear death or not.....I don't want anybody that I love to die. I fear that.
I will check my email. Hugs.

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