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Colon Cleansing

Tatiana lazily woke up around noon and stretched her long limbs. She rolled over and checked her phone, there were already a few messages from Julia waiting.
Julia wrote, "Lets get colon hydrotherapy!". She had found a coupon for a special introductory rate for only $ 25 and was very excited about it. "Let's do a poop flush and lose 10 pounds!", Julia exclaimed.
Tatiana didn't need much convincing, she decided that lying on a table with a tube stuck into her butt while getting her colon flushed and cleansed sounded great!
The girls decided on doing this sometime in the near future and DON'T WORRY,
they will keep your curiosity satisfied and will write all about it when it is done.


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tatiana on :

really!? addicted? that sounds like fun! do you have any personal experience from this treatment?

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