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Discovering Some New Fun

So I did mention that I have been going through the older blog entries, checking for spelling errors etc. Well, I also had some old papers that I looked over just now. I used to write down some of my blog entries on paper first before I sat down and typed them out on the computer. I had forgotten about this, that was so long ago and I don't do that anymore. Well, I found one that I don't think I included in the blog. I looked for it but couldn't find it. So here is an old entry I wrote in......hmmmmmm......I am guessing late 2007? I named it "Discovering Some New Fun" then so that will be the title now too.

Last night was a bad night, we had a lot of time on our hands. But we soon found some new amusement. The male strippers at Sapphire! The club also has entertainment for bachelorettes and women is all stages of life, as long as they are over 21. The male strippers at Sapphire get undressed down to their skimpy g-strings or awkward looking banana hammocks in a separate area called The Showroom. We did not know that we were allowed to go into The Showroom while working until tonight to take in all the debauchery happening in there. So we went inside, sat down in a booth and spied on a few lap dances going on nearby. After a while we got approached by two muscular hunks, one of them tried putting his neither regions way too close to my face while I giggled nervously and squirmed. Ugh, too close buddy! It turned out that one of them was from Hungary and he had only stripped for about two weeks (maybe trying to money to send home to the village?), he was not very DA NANG at all but the other hunk was pretty nice so we chatted with him for a while. All this time we had on our small outfits that we picked out for work that night, since technically we were at work too. Kind of funny. I wish I had a picture of that. The boys had a slow night also, not very many excited women in there to perform for. We sympathized with the situation. Julia even trotted up to the stage and shoved some dollar bills down a confused looking cuties g-string. The we returned to our side of the club.

I have a blog about when I dated a male stripper. He worked at Olympic Garden. Curious? Read it here


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