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Feeling Yucky

Well.......I am feeling yucky today. My stomach is cramping, I have the chills and not feeling good at all. I'm not in the mood for anything besides curling up under the covers in my bed. My hair is greasy, I need to pluck my eyebrows. I have nothing fun to write about, even thinking about something to tell you feels like a chore. I have not been at work since last Friday so I have no work stories. I might force myself with a visit to the gym for 30 minutes on the treadmill, even that feels like an impossible task. What is wrong with me? Guess. Whatever all other girls go through once a month. Sometimes that just knocks me out for a few days and I feel really bad. If I worked with something where I could hide in sweats and a bulky shirt with a sport bra underneath I would be ok. But my work outfit consists of something that you can scrunch up and fit in the palm of your hand, not counting the shoes now. Plus I am having the chills, so the thought of sitting in a drafty club, feeling gross, breathing in cigarette smoke does not sound appealing at all. On the other hand I feel guilty for not working and I also have slight anxiety for being "lazy". But things could always be worse.
On the bright side of things.......I did have a yummy latte and muffin today. My house is clean. I took Chhaya for her walk earlier. The sun is shining. But it is cold and windy outside, the snow is not melting here right now. It will probably be on the ground until around the end of April like last year. There is still a lot of snow in my yard, reaching up to the windows. I want grass and the smell of earth! I want to see flowers bloom.
Ok I am going to continue feeling sorry for myself some more now.........


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