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Shounen Kung-fu

MY BROTHER MADE A GAME and it is now released and I think that YOU NEED to get it!!!!! :-)

Shounen Kung-fu is all about reflexes, how fast are you in executing your kung-fu?
Tap the screen and help Wei defeat waves of enemies as they try to stop him from recovering what has been taken from his new master. Learning the rhythm of each level and enemy is crucial to acing the game and unlocking every single level.
Execute fully 3D animated kung-fu fight moves as you battle mongols, ninjas and even aliens! Complete special levels using all your might and unlock bonus levels that take you far away from the world Wei is familiar with.

Visit or to see the trailer and get more information about the game!

Or click here

I had 980 people sniffing around here on my blog yesterday........wondering what I am up to. I haven't asked a whole lot from you besides keep reading and a comment now and then would be nice too. :-)
BUT this time I am asking you to get my brothers game, he worked hard by himself and got it done and I am very proud of him!


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Angelica on :

Nice!!!! I will go n buy one for myself and friends n family!! Congrats to your brother!!!

Tatiana on :


Juliana on :

I'm really proud of your's quite an accomplishment. I'll keep reading... lots of love. -J

Tatiana on :


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