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New Boobs

I am recovering from my boob job. I don't feel any pain at all, I am ecstatic and in a happy fog of pain killers. Can't wait to venture out tomorrow in a low cut top to show off my new boobs, I don't care that they are swollen, hard and covered in bandages.
Big boobs are always sexy, well at least I heard that guys think so. That must mean it is true.......right? So now I have DOUBLE D's. This means that I will make so much more money, I will soon be a multi millionaire instead of only a millionaire and I will never again be unhappy. My double D's will bring me endless fortunes and happiness. Well, I am going to drink some lemonade now, take another Vicoden and watch Sex and the City . Oh and I am going back to work as soon as I can, I can't wait to show everybody my new boobs! SEKSI!!! :-D


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Anonymous on :

Sweet Chhaya....taking care of you! When I hurt my leg running Jax was right there by my side giving me lots of love. Rest and heal.

Tatiana on :


Angelica on :

Lmfao....only double D's I'm going to upgrade to double H.....doing big things and I'm looking forward to taking vicoden and slamming shots of Jack!!! We can take over the world with titty power!!! Lol u crack me up girl!! Don't forget to massage those babies!!

Tatiana on :

Take over the world with intelligence and wit. Titties are a bonus. Yes, yes.......I am massaging them all the time......LOL.

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