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Didn't February just fly by? I think so. March 1 today. Yesterday evening I could tell that there was a beautiful pink and red sunset here, I tried to get down to the beach in time to capture the sun and all the colors before it totally disappeared but I was too late. Another time. This is all I got, last sunset of February 2013.......I feel weird that time goes by so fast. Sooner than I know I am going to be 80 and remember these is such a strange journey.

So last night I went to work. If I don't make at least $ 50 each time I go on stage I get very cranky. People do not want to experience my anger so they throw lots of money when I am up, not only money, all kinds of other things too. So I decided that me and Sharon are going to start a two woman band. We are going to toot horns, one in the pink, one in the stink and look cute. There will be occasional visual effects in form of blue flames too. How can it not become a huge success? Look for us on American Idol, coming soon to your tv. The name of our band? Dirty Sanchez of course! That is what I wanted my other band to be called........see I wanted to start a band a while back with my two old roommates Mikey and Mike. Who cares that we could not play any instruments? I didn't care. I was convinced that our charisma and my crazy antics would so make up for any lack in musical talents. There is always impro - works great! Sadly Mikey and Mike were not as convinced as I was, why I do not know...... so I had to put my dream about being in a band called Dirty Sanchez on ice, until now. Me and Sharon are starting band practice next week.
Well I am in bed, getting tired. Just ate two cups of FAGE Greek yogurt with honey cause I was starving. One more thing.......I am taking a break from the blog until either Sunday evening or Monday. Do you think you can survive without me for a few days? You can always read all my old blogs, just look in the archives, there are plenty (over 1500) to keep you occupied. Why am I taking a break? Guess! Maybe I am taking some time off to get a boob job? ;-)

PS. OF COURSE I am JOKING about getting cranky if I do not make at least $ 50 each time I go on stage........Actually I get FURIOUS if I don't make at least $ 100. ;-)


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Anonymous on :

Thanks for taking a pic of such a beautiful sunset......
Enjoy your time . Come back with new pics of Chhaya!

Tatiana on :

I got there about 5 minutes too late for some really nice sunset pics. Next time! I have some really cute Chhaya pics coming up.....

Anonymous on :

I know you are kidding about the boob job !?!?! I really hope that's your twisted wonderful sense of humor again. Otherwise I'm going to have to organize a Flash Mob at some Plastic Surgeon's office in Anchorage via my computer. Not that I can tell you what to do with your body...not anybody's right but your's....but, that would be a shame. Don't mess with Mother Nature, especially when She did such a great job! Enjoy your time off. And your right Spring will be here soon. How about some Do'/Dont's on tips Vegas when you come back?

Tatiana on :

Maybe humor.....maybe not.....

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