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Russian Dolls

Stayed in and watched a movie tonight, a movie that inspired me to come up with a blog. I really like foreign movies, yes they are subtitled, even better. So this one is called Russian Dolls and is a sequel to L'Auberge Espagnole . It's about a guy and his search for and encounters with women. So at the end he sits down and reflects over these encounters and he writes (this could also be a woman writing because it is fitting for both women and men). "If I think about all the girls I've known, slept with or just desired, they are like a bunch of Russian Dolls,. We spend our lives playing the game, dying to know who'll be the last, the teeny-tine one hidden inside all the others.
You can't get to her right away. You have to open them one by one, wondering, "Is she the last?"
It's kind of like that, isn't it? This love thing. Looking for it, having it, think you are having it, crying over it, obsessing over it, loosing it. Some people find their mate early on, get married........and are happy? Truthfully happy or keeping up a facade? Of course there are plenty of happy married people. But.....
I had a long conversation with a man last week that had been married for 20 years, whereas 12 of the last have been sex-less. He wished it could be different. Never cheated, didn't dare to. Can't divorce her because she will end up with half or more of all that he has worked for. I suggested that he would have an honest talk with the wife where he would explain how he feels and tell her that he will find other sex partners but still be married to her, he told me she would never understand. It was sad. I am sure she has her own version of the story but is just seemed sad.
Is this life? Love? I am sure it can happen to the happiest of couples. My latest book is
I don't: A contrarian history of marriage by Susan Squire. Goes into detail about the history of women and marriage. Oh dear.........Not a pretty story, the history of marriage is not like a Hollywood romance.
I am for relationships but I don't think that marriage is my cup of tea. But life is, oh so unpredictable, I might one day reflect back at this blog a married woman. Hopefully, truthfully happy with my choice.
I am about to watch another movie now, an Indian movie and eat some chocolate.
If you are planning on proposing to Tatiana, remember, she does NOT want a diamond ring!


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