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Friendship......what a beautiful thing it is......
I have some friends and I care deeply for them and I am loyal and thoughtful.......
I hope. Many people have been in and out of my life, the ones that are still there are the ones that managed to be a friend back. Giving and receiving in one of the keys in a friendship. Have you ever heard the expression that friends are he family we choose? That's what I believe. I will be your best friend but if you start acting bad I will eventually have to end the friendship, probably a bit reluctantly in the beginning. I form attachments to my friends but once I realize it is done, then it's done. I am very forgiving and understanding - to a certain point.
So what made me start writing a blog about friendship? Not sure, maybe because I am in Alaska, far away from majority of my friends and I miss them.
But my best friend Chhaya is here and she is the cutest, cuddliest friend I could ever ask for. She is my precious angel.
Read in the paper today about a woman that had her beloved late pitbull successfully cloned. It resulted in 5 healthy puppies. She loved this dog so much and formed a very special bond with him after he saved he life.
Well, I am not working tonight, staying in watching movies. Nice.


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Ulrika on :

Yes come to sweden!!! I'm thinking about going to the states in December :-)

Elaine on :

Dogs are the best, most loyal friends you'll ever have.

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