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Mamma Mia

So I went to see ABBA the movie/musical. I have seen the show before in London, Las Vegas and New York. I know, I know, Tatiana is so well traveled.....what else is she supposed to do with all her millions? Save? Bah!
So you all should know that I looooveeeee ABBA. While growing up I pretended to be either Agnetha or Anni-Fried, singing into the handle of a jumping rope like most Swedish girls.
I really liked the movie, teared up many times. But I do think that they should had tried to find a Swedish girl to play the lead instead of Amanda Seyfried, which could totally pass for Swedish and is super beautiful and fresh....but still.
ABBA made the best songs seriously, the lyrics are so good, I love ABBA.
After seeing the movie I decided I need to go to Sweden next summer because I haven't been there for too long now. Need to visit Mom and friends and have many lattes and pastries in the quaint coffee shops in Gamla Stan which is the Old Town part of Stockholm, very nice.
I miss Sweden now........ :-(


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