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So what else do you do?

What else do you do, is a question I hear a lot in the club.......Like being at The Bush/Sapphires/Flashdancers etc is not a "valid" thing. I mean, there must be something else I do right? Besides from just being a "dancer".
So let me inform everybody about what Tatiana does........
Like today for example! Perfect example of a typical Tatiana day! Tatiana met up with Kennedy, they were both craving Indian food badly and went to this Indian place they recently discovered and satisfied their hunger. Afterwards they really wanted to burn off some calories, so they decided to go back to Tatiana's place and have a sweaty and g-string clad only, pillow fight. Tatiana decided on wearing her pink itsy bitsy g string and Kennedy had on her black super small, barely covering her privates one.
Nothing else! The pillow fight was long, sometimes mildly violent, a hair pulling cat fight, very sexually loaded. Kennedy suffocated Tatiana with her big, bouncy, beautiful double D's. Afterwards they were laying around and watching VH1's "Rich and Famous" and talked about what they were going to do with all the thousands of millions they make weekly. Then they took a shower, together of course! They soaped each other up and had tons of fun shaving each other.......YOU should had been there! Kennedy had to leave after the shower and Tatiana is feeling totally excited now and CAN'T wait to go in to work tonight to give some super sexy lap dances! Wow, these guys don't know what they have coming yet!
Yeah, Tatiana spends her days pillow fighting with her hot co workers, sometimes they have cat fights (because you all know how women are, we all hate each other), filing and painting her nails, obsessing over her hair, making spa appointments, going on shopping sprees at Nordstom and the daily trip to Starbucks. That's Tatiana's exciting and wonderful!
Hopefully you detected the sarcasm in this..........?
So what else do I do? Besides work between 3-6 evenings/nights a week? Sleep. Eat. Clean. Put gas in my car. Fret over bills. Walk my dog. Read. Watch movies. Grocery shop. Shower. Run errands. Go to lunch, sometimes alone, sometimes not. Check my e mails. Talk to my friends. Go places. Spend time with friends. Plan for my next rave. Enjoy life. Enjoy being fabulous. Etc etc.......
Just like everybody else. I am totally "normal", I promise.
What else do YOU do?


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Ulrika on :

Being a dancer is the best thing you can be. And to be able to make a living out of it is even better. It is a greate job! You go girl!!!

Tatiana on :

Tatiana is giving Ulrika a big hug

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