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Tatiana goes to court!

Back in April after a very heavy snowfall Tatianas car spun out and made a funny 360 and another driver hit her car. The confused police officer decided that it was Tatiana's fault and gave her a fine and some points on her license. Whatever! After some brainstorming Tatiana decided to utilize her rights and go and fight for her right not to pay any fine and not to get any points. I mean, come on! I wasn't Tatiana's fault that there was ice on the road!
So Tatiana was summoned to appear in court today. She wanted to make a total fashion statement so she wore her sexiest but yet innocent looking, stripper dress and lots of shiny lip gloss and some very long, seductive eyelashes. When the judge saw Tatiana and her flapping eyelashes he quickly dismissed the case and offered to take her on a vacation to Hawaii. Tatiana loves Hawaii and she is leaving next week for some fun in the sun! Yeay, it is great to be a girl!
Case dismissed!


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kevin on :

quite unfair that you are so pretty

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