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Feeling blue.....kind of......

I've been feeling a little sad today, not sure why. Everything feels so boring and so meaningless and predictable. I have some things that I need to deal with asap but I have been ignoring certain issues for weeks now. I am really good at procrastinating sometimes (a lot) though I know it's bad. Baaaad!
I really need to make some phonecalls tomorrow. Don't know why that seems so difficult to do?
Maybe I need a personal coach that can get my stuff together for me when I need to? Tatiana is now taking applications, do YOU have what it takes to be her personal coach? Send her your resume!
Felt much better after I went for a long walk and jog with Chhaya. Now I am back home and thinking about ice cream though I already had a berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream today.
If you want to make Tatiana feel better, take her out for a vanilla latte and some pastries!
There's one thing I am looking forward to, the Mamma Mia movie/musical, playing now. Of course I love ABBA, I grew up singing their songs. Is there anyone from Sweden that doesn't love ABBA?
Ok, I still have to brush Chhayas teeth before I go to sleep.
And I got a new face cream today that I will try out tonight. Exciting right?


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