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Last day in Manhattan before I leave tomorrow! Met up with Bella and went to the Museum Of Modern Art, or MoMA. But first I went to Pret and had breakfast, I love the lentil soup there and today I had two almond croissants. My last almond croissants at Pret for a while.
We went to MoMA to view The Scream by Edvard Munch. If you want to go to MoMa, go on a Friday after 4 30 pm, it's free to get in there then, otherwise it's $ 25 and I think that's rather steep. Anyways, The Scream is.......well it makes me FEEL something at least, sadness kind of.
It really is an amazing painting and I am glad I had the opportunity to see it. It is probably my favorite.

There were other paintings by Munch there and I thought some were quite good. He made some interesting ones. And then I saw this which is quite fitting for the world we live in, at least my world.

After MoMA I took a last stroll around town before I took the subway to Brooklyn. I am in bed with Olive now, the super cute cat I share my place with. I have to get in the shower soon. Then I am going to squeeze out what's left of the self tanner on rub it in and go to work.
My last night at New York Dolls. GOOD! I am exhausted and SO over it. I miss home.


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