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My day, today

Had a fun day today. Went Alaska sightseeing.....out to Hatcher Pass and Summit Lake and around that area. There's definitely more you can see in Alaska than Tatiana parading around at The Bush Company! Yes, really! For example, nature! Today I saw breathtaking landscape, lakes, beaver dams, a mad Alpaca, rainbows, rain and sunshine, a 72 year old English tourist that almost rolled down a hill with his car, the sun setting, what a day!
I do have a cold coming on though but that's ok. Kind of tired, it's late.

Need to mention that my latest song obsession is I kissed a girl by Katy Perry - CUTE!
Good Night!


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Ulrika on :

I know phone calls are the hardest thing. Especially if they are important and you absolutly need to do them. But be strong my love! *pick up the phone count three and do it!

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