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The cutest couple..... the tabloids right now are Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson! Sam just took Lindsey on a shopping spree and gave her a Cartier Love bracelet.....awwwwww.....
I would take Sam in a heartbeat too! She is cute and she is a dj, what could be better? Lindsey is a lucky girl!
Actually I had a run in with Sam's brother Mark Ronson a few years back. That was when me and Julia would prowl around Crazy Horse Too as The Fargosisters. I think it was rather late and kind of empty in the club. Me and Julia were praying to the Baby Jesus that luck would change and we would run in to somebody that would donate some money to us in exchange for some prime Fargosisters grinding and funbag slapping.
Well indeed...there was Mark sitting by himself. He wanted to go in to the VIP. We had the best time with him and on top of being nice he is really, really cute! Me and Julia both wanted to marry him right then and there and though he probably wanted that too he was being very faithful and respectful to his girlfriend that was back in New York. I wonder if he is still with her? If not, I need!
Mark said he would always remember the time he spent with us because most of all it was FUN! As most experiences with The Fargosisters.
Me and Julia saved Marks plastic water bottle and empty pack of cigarettes as a memory of him.........


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