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Finally Mermaids

Drove into town to pick up my Mermaid I giclée print by Olivia . I collect Olivia's and now with Mermaid I, my collection is complete......finally!
I already had Mermaid II and a few other giclées. So I am happy now, my mermaids are home.
I love mermaids and faeries.
Besides that I had a really bad headache yesterday that started a few hours before I went into work, I took an aspirin and felt better. Well, as soon as I got to work and had to breathe in all that gross cigarette poison air in there my head started pounding and I felt like I was going to throw up. I don't understand how it can still be allowed to smoke in a place where non smokers work, it is SO unhealthy and I HATE cigarette smoke. So, I lasted about two hours and then I went home, feeling awful. There was nothing going on in there anyways. Besides some annoying people.
I feel better today. Had to sleep it off.

Mermaid I & Mermaid II


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