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Movie Night

I am having a cuddly movie night at home. With a snoring puppy that has stinky farts.
Just watched Bound , I love that movie, one of my faves. Besides that I had a rather uneventful day.....when I went to get my latte at Kaladi I chose who I am going to be a Secret Santa to this Christmas. At Kaladi they have a Christmas tree with paper angels hanging from it with a name of either a boy or a girl written on them that I assume might not get any gifts this Christmas unless somebody helps them out. The boy and girl angels come with an age and a general wish list. I think I picked out a nine year old girl last year, this year I have a seven year old girl and she likes girly stuff. Since I am en expert on girly stuff I decided to be her Secret Santa, she is going to get lots of cute stuff in pink and purple. And just like last year there was a surprising amount of older "boys" and "girls" that had a paper angel in the tree with a wish list. Like 20 years old and older. One "girl" was 56. Hmmmmm.........ok? Maybe I should put my name on an angel and hang it on that tree. LOL. Tatiana. Wish list. Pay off my mortgages. Brand new truck, preferably a Toyota 4Runner. A whole day at a local spa.
I also always give toys to Toys For Tots or some similar organization. Also something for the animals, like the local shelter.
And those are my small contributions. It is fun to give. :-)


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