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Got my hair cut today......FINALLY! Me and Melissa, the stylist, think it has been about 16 months since I last saw her for a cut. No wonder the last two inches or so of my hair looked so thin and ratty. But she took that off and I also had a deep conditioning treatment, sat under the dryer for 20 minutes.

And here is the results......not that you can see really because my hair is wet, I never blow dry my hair. I picked up some hair, skin and nails supplements when I was in Vegas. The bottle is called
MAXI-HAIR . I am not that good at taking vitamins, so far I have taken four capsules of those.
Besides that, a girl I work with said that when she was pregnant back to back with three babies, she ate prenatal vitamins and had hair down to her knees. The pregnany won't be an option for me, I will stick to the occasional supplements. I do think that my hair was much nicer a few years ago, it was fuller and better looking. Oh well.


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