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Sugar Daddy

Ok, so a while ago I wrote an entry where I mentioned sugar daddies and said that I would maybe write about this topic in the can read that entry here
And for those who are not in the know.....a sugar daddy is (often) an older person who offers money or gifts to a younger person in return for companionship and/or sexual favors. And the sugar daddy can also come in the form of a woman, a sugar mama.
To answer the question, I've never had a sugar daddy, well I've never had any form of sex or affection in exchange for money or gifts.
I did have a man come into my job (a long time ago) when I still lived in California that took a liking to me. He was much older than me and wealthy and he did "spoil" me with gifts that he would bring into work. Sure it was nice......he would have the waitress bring me the presents one by one, wrapped really nice. While all the other girls stared, some got jealous of course. And yes I got some nice things, designer handbags, shoes (one I lost during a photo shoot at Lake Mead), two dresses worth $ 1500 each (that later on disappeared when my storage unit in Vegas got burglarized), some jewelery........
We became friends, he was very nice and interesting but I made it CLEAR that I was not interested in developing the friendship into anything more than just friendship. We did have lunch a few times and had dinner once, although I brought a friend with me just to make sure I wouldn't be in any awkward situations. We had dinner at a very posh restaurant in LA and later we went to The Magic Castle. That was great, he had arranged a special performance for us in some dark cellar. I would love to go back to The Magic Castle one day, I highly recommend it.
Now, if I would had been more flirty with him, led him on, even maybe gave into some sex, I am sure I could had made lots of money from him and got all kinds of expensive things. Towards the end of the friendship he arranged for me to have a sitting with a rather famous painter that was going to paint my portrait in oil and I would get the painting. I was excited because I knew this painting was going to be absolutely beautiful since I had seen work by this artist before. He uses lots of sea life in his paintings, like dolphins and incorporates people into the paintings. In fact I went to a gallery opening in Laguna Beach where I was treated like some sort of celeb, all due to my wealthy friend that had some gorgeous flowers flown in from Hawaii to be worn by me around my neck. There was a photographer on site that took a bunch of pics of me posing in that gallery. LOL. Well, shortly after the sitting I went away on a vacation. During that time, some other girl at the club decided to put a move on him and when I came back he was all about her. She had two small kids and a live in boyfriend. I suspected it was her husband but she would only refer to him as her boyfriend. Some girls that I work with don't want to reveal that they are married, for various reasons. She probably needed the money more than me and there were some rumors about her even before her getting to know my friend. Lets just say that her reputation at work was kind of bad, she was known for her dirty dances. And wearing the same school girl outfit over and over.
I suspect they became more than friends, so in the end he got what he wanted, although not from me. He was nice and always a gentleman and it was fun while it lasted. But from experience I can say that when one person wants more than just being friends.....the relationship usually comes to an end sooner or later. Especially when a dancer meets a man at work that wants more than just her friendship - that only lasts for so long. Either he gives up or some other dancer will come into the picture and offer him more of what he wants. And that girl will never be me.
Oh and the painting? It never came to fruition.......too bad. I think about that painting sometimes. I would had loved to have it.
Besides him, his name was Joseph btw, I've met a few men that kind of took their amorous interest in me too far. I am talking about men that I've encountered at work now. I go into work to......WORK = make money. I don't treat work like it's eHarmony or Adult Friend Finder, not that I am a member on those sites anyway.
I do meet many people at work and some of the people I meet I have became friends with outside of work. Some, NOT many. And with an emphasis on friends. Not intimate. I am not intimate with my friends. Of course I meet people once in a while that I think are super nice and interesting and I've met them for lunch before, although rare. I don't see anything harmful in a lunch as long as the person I am meeting is on the same page as me. I would not like it if I would have to fend off any advances, therefore I never give off any flirty signals when I am not interested in anything else than being friends.
I became really good friends with a guy named Mario that I met at Crazy Horse Too in Vegas, we were hanging out for a while and I knew his girlfriend too. I do know girls that met their future boyfriends and husbands in the club, so that is possible. But a few times I needed to have a talk with some of the guys that became way too interested in me, to the point of obsession.
I have some stories but that I might save for a later time........


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Claudia on :

i will be your sugar : )

Tatiana on :

Really??! Ok! LOL.

Spice Daddy on :

Some of us need a lesson in flirty signals and NOT flirty signals.
Whenever you are ready to teach it.

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