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Finally my pics from Halloween......because I know all of you are just DYING to know what I did for Halloween. Right?! I usually go to LA but that didn't happen this year since Monster Massive got cancelled.......again. :-(
So I went out in Vegas instead. As a bad kitty. I did not have anything prepared outfit wise besides a pair of cat ears that I threw into my suitcase last minute when I was packing for my trip weeks ago. So I painted on some black make up, a nose and whiskers, put on the ears and became a kitty cat, a bad one of course. My pink claws were out.

I went to Surrender at Encore with Mikey and my new Swedish friend Ulrika that was a sexy cop.

I usually don't care for clubs in Vegas nowadays, too crowded, no place to sit, I don't like the music etc etc. But I had a great time! The dj was Steve Angello. He is part of The Swedish House Mafia, they should not use the word House to describe themselves at all, their style is too trancey but towards the end he managed to bust out some good songs and played some good ones throughout his set too. But I much rather prefer some darker, real house but I still had fun.
The bad kitty was very popular that evening. Like always. ;-)
When I go out I want to DANCE, have fun, take pictures, look at all the cute girls and boys and let loose. I usually want to stay until the end and if there is a fun after hours I do not mind going there to check it out either. I can sleep later. This is the girl who danced until the music ended at noon at a club called SpiderGalaxy in Zurich. And I came out of there full of energy and super happy. You might think, drugs. No honey, I don't need drugs.
I did have ONE drink on Halloween, Mikey made me like Mandarin Vodka and Seven Up - very yummy.

As all kitties, I am vain and love to primp.

I don't mind giving out compliments and make people blush by being very forward and fun but that's where the fun ends........I am unavailable and unattainable. Even my crush Chester Bennington would have to put in some effort to get some Tatiana.

Unfortunately another person that was with us ended up ruining the whole evening for me and Ulrika with his violent, angry and crazy behavior. I really regret leaving early to take his dumb ass home, I should had stayed and continued to dance and enjoy my Halloween.
But whatever, lesson learned and it won't happen again since that was the last time I am going out with him. Good! I can't surround myself with people like that anymore. And I am not talking about Mikey.

The next day I was walking around with a smile on my face and felt great. It is amazing what some dancing can do! Like I have said for a long time - dancing is therapy. At least my kind of therapy.


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Ulliss on :

Thanks for à greate Halloween. It was so much fun!!!!

Tatiana on :

Yes, it was fun while it lasted......
: )

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