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Recap of the rave.......

So exactly one week ago now I was dancing somewhere at the Coliseum in Los Angeles to some great HOUSE music. And now I am back in Anchorage....
I have rave depression.......meaning I want to be back in Rave Land - badly. :-(
EDC 2008 was fantastic, so many people were there, watch it on YouTube if you are curious.
And I put together a great outfit. About a month ago I tore out a page of some fashion mag that showed a really cute white top with a smiley face on it (Acid House style) from Miss Sixty, one of my fave stores. So when I arrived in LA I went to Miss Sixty and found that top, lucky!!! I paired it up with my Diesel jeans and a yellow, studded, thin belt I found at Stash in Vegas and some appropriate Hello Kitty decorations.
If I was in Vegas I would go to at least two more raves this summer. But since I am in Anchorage my next one will be Monster Massive, I will probably be back in Vegas by then....maybe.....
Rave depression is factual, I feel so sad that it is OVER, it should last at least two days - so people have enough.
I really want to go to Lighting In A Bottle and Burning Man too next year. And all my regular raves of course........ :-)


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