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Went hiking

After waking up I decided I needed to go and be in nature today and breathe some fresh air. So me and Chhaya hiked up to flattop today, a mountain on the outskirts of Anchorage. The view was spectacular and it was a pretty intense hike that took my breath away a few times. Might do it again next week. I need to be outside, away from the city every so often so I can keep my sanity. There can only be so much of Bush Company noise I can take weekly.
That noise needs to be balanced out with peace and quiet and nature.
There are studies made that suggest (very accurately I, myself believe) that the growing disconnection between humans and nature is an increasingly serious social problem.
And from time to time I need my housemusic, otherwise I go totally crazy, dancing is my therapy.......


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David Lakota on :

The growing disconnection between nature and people is a crisis.

People routinely seem to deprive themselves of the best stimuli that life has to offer while tolerating the worst. Nature provides a cure for this. The challenge is simply getting outside and ideally off the beaten path.

Thanks Tatiana on behalf of us all for going on a mountain climb. There are few better ways to exericse the mind, body, heart and soul.

Aloha from Maui!


Kevin on :

How did Chhaya like the hike?

Tatiana on :

Hi Kevin,
Chhaya loved it, she is always up for a hike! : )

Ulrika on :

Diesel and miss sixty are my fav brands. *i am sure you looked amazing in that outit!

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