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A little after midnight......

.....and it is still rather light outside. I love it, the looooong days are great and beautiful. I left work early tonight because it was boring and dragging on and when I drove home it was almost still daylight though it was 11 45 pm. It is awesome!
Good news for me, I got "promoted". Meaning I can come in at 6 pm now instead of 4 pm and that makes a huge difference because now I will have more time to actually do something in the daytime. Besides wake up, walk Chhaya, shave (sometimes, he he) and then grab something to eat on my way to work. It leaves me no time to breathe and relax with a schedule like that. So I am happy with the "promotion". LOL. Stripper promotion. What's next?
So I am just watching tv, just ate, will go to sleep soon. I will try to force myself to go jogging tomorrow because I feel a little chunky. I haven't been to the gym since I left Vegas. And as you should know by now, I do not believe in diets......I rather exercise.
Sooooo..........Good Night!


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Ulrika on :

You are so right not beliving in diets. Then just make make you hungry so in the end of the dayyou end up it more then usual.
Exercising is so much bether. But I hevent been so good at that later eather:( Will start again soon. Haha like always.

Is Chhaya your dog?If it is. What kind of dog is it? It's so cool we had dogs with the same names before:)

Tatiana on :

I know, if I even attempt to diet I get supercranky and end up overeating in the end.
Chhaya is my dog, she is a bluenose pitbull, she is 3.
And Cilla, like you dog : ) was a black lab we had in Sweden.

kevin on :

Congratulations on the promotion.
The Bush Company needs to put you on their website so people know they need you.

Tatiana on :

Well their site is old and actually all the pictures on it are oudated, some girls are not even there anymore. Last December The Bush hired a photographer to take some current pics of some of the girls willing to participate in a photoshoot. But the managers did not like the results and decided not to use the pics.

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