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I got a plane ticket to LA beacuse I am going to one of my fave raves/parties later this month, Electric Daisy Carnival. I have been going for years and didn't want to miss out on a fabulous time. I NEED to show off my fabulous self also!
While in LA I will do some fun shopping at Melrose, Fred Segal and Kitson, they might have something I like. A quick stop in Vegas might happen too.
I am SO EXCITE over the rave! (Excite is pronounced Borat style btw).
If you are curious about Electric Daisy Carnival go to, enter and scroll down the page a little for 2007's party. There's even a pic of Tatiana (and Julia) inside the "Part Three: Night 01" folder. ENJOY!!!
Or to see the offical site of the party go to

On a totally different note....there was a really bad accident outside The Bush last night. A man got run over by a car. Critical condition, yes it was horrible. I really hope he will be ok, been thinking about him. :-(
Makes you stop and realize again, how fragile and precious life is. We/I tend to forget about that......

~ Many Tatiana hugs to all of you! ~


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Ulrika on :


Jag hittade din blogg. Gud vad roligt det är att läsa om ditt liv och vad som händer därborta;)

Puss på dig!

Tatiana on :

Vad kul att du laste lite pa min blogg, jag laser din oxa!!

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