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Work tonight?

It's probably time to get back to work tonight......I think. And work through the weekend.
I am getting bored at home, I finished Gone Girl last night, well around 2 AM this morning to be specific.
What a story the author came up with! I don't know how people come up with such intricate, amazing stories......WOW! I do recommend the book, it kept me spellbound. Now I want to read Gillian Flynn's other two novels, Dark Places and Sharp Objects .
Update on the injured moose baby......I saw it again with the Mama Moose and sibling. But then yesterday evening, the Mama was back in my yard with only the healthy baby. I am trying not to think about's so sad. :-(
Some guy from Fish and Game called me back yesterday morning ( at 9 AM and woke me up) and explained to me that they do not have resources to care for injured moose, that they only help out small baby moose, when they are newborns like in July. He said that moose are resilient and that it might bounce back and if not nature will run it's course. NOT what I wanted to hear. Can I maybe have it as a pet? It is illegal to feed moose in Alaska, I think that is a dumb rule. I think you should be able to feed them if they can't feed themselves for some reason. I feed the birds and the squirrels. And whatever other animal that wants to have some of what I put out.
It is also illegal to give money to people that beg for it on the streets in Anchorage. Weird. That too, should be up to me. If I choose to help out a hungry or a homeless person I should be able to. Without getting a ticket for it, like I committed a crime. And if you don't want to give money to a beggar, then don't. Though I don't think people should be allowed to sit around and beg with children.
Kids should be in school. If you can't afford to feed yourself, then you should not have kids.
But sometimes unforeseeable things happen. I am talking about people that drag their kids around on purpose to beg, they make a career out of it.
Well, I need my latte like NOW......!
Here are the last few pics from one of my shoots that I did in New York back in April. I want to go back to New York, I LOVE that place!

Photographer Mark Wiggin.


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Dirty on :

did you but some lighter hair colour in your hair? in the pics your hair looks kind of blonde. just wondering. it looks good whatever you did to it.

Tatiana on :

No....didn't put lighter color in. I thinks it looks the same since a while

Dirty on :

Your hair looks more blonde, or light, than it was the last time I saw you. I thought you might have put some lighter colour in it. Also, it could be the lighting in the pictures, or something about the picture could have made your hair look lighter....I don't know....the pics look da nang anyway !

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