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Saw JUNO last night

So I watched JUNO on SnowSnow (my new MacBook) last night. I read Diablo Codys book, Candy Girl, A Year In The Life Of An Unlikely Stripper a while back. But it has taken me longer to see JUNO, though it's been out a while now, I know, I know......
So, I think JUNO was a really good movie, the acting excellent and a good storyline, interesting music too. I think it is a great movie for teenagers and parents.
Regarding Diablo Cody, she is definitely doing many things right, I admire her so far. Candy Girl was ok, entertaining, I am sure I can come out with something just as good. The difference is that Diablo did it, I am still only in the thinking stages of making it happen.
So, I recommend that you watch JUNO too, and read Candy Girl if you want some insight in the life of a dancer......until you will be able to read Tatiana's novel that is........!

Hugs, Tatiana


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eric aka soy on :

hi tatiana.. how are you?
how is alaska treating you?
i hope the people there love you as much as i love you.. you are a good person.
hey i just got a mac lap top too.
they are nice.
well, just sending you some love
eric aka soy

Tatiana on :

Hi Eric,
I am well, hope U are too!
How fun U got a Mac also, isn't it great?
Thanx 4 writing and take good care!
Hugs, T

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