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Psychic Adventures (Part One)

The first time we visited Denver, Julia got sick. Because of the illness, she ended up missing a few days of work at Shotgun Willie's. One of these days, she dropped Tatiana off at the club and began driving back home to the Niagara Motel.

The Niagara Motel is on a street called Colfax, with many interesting shops and people. Julia and Tatiana had noticed a neon sign in a house window on Colfax that said "Psychic Readings & Palm Readings." On this particular day, Julia was extremely bored and cranky as she drove by the house with the sign. Upon arriving back at the motel and realizing that she had nothing to do, she decided to make a trip back down Colfax and visit the psychic who lived there. Maybe she could tell Julia something interesting about her future?

The psychic's name was Leslie, and she told Julia that she knew she was there for more than just a psychic reading. Julia sat down on the couch and Leslie began talking. She described Julia as a flame on a candle that no one wanted to get too close to for fear they would get burned. Leslie then told her that she believed Julia came from a family with many psychics in it. She said there was something in Julia's past, perhaps from another life, that was preventing her from truly being happy. Leslie said that the only way to get to the bottom of things was for Julia to have some sort of 'spiritual bath', in which Julia would travel back in time and discover what was bothering her. This 'bath' could be performed by Leslie and would cost several hundred dollars.

As you can imagine, Julia was very disturbed by the reading. She drove back to the Niagara Motel trying to plan which day would be best to have Leslie do the bath.

When Julia arrived at Shotgun's to pick up Tatiana, she told Tatiana all about Leslie and the bath. Tatiana was curious, so after some careful thinking, she came up with a plan. Tatiana would go pay a visit to Leslie the next day, and not mention anything about Julia. Then we would compare notes and decide what needed to be done.

The next day Julia dropped off Tatiana at Leslie's so she could investigate further. When Julia came back to pick her up she couldn't wait to hear what Leslie had predicted about Tatiana. Basically, Leslie told Tatiana that she was there for more than just a reading, she was like the flame on a candle, and something was bothering her that she didn't know about. Leslie said Tatiana needed a spiritual bath and even wanted to charge her a higher price than what she had quoted Julia. Also, Leslie quoted Tatiana higher prices for regular readings as well.

We decided that Leslie was not a good psychic and she was only trying to make as much money as possible. Julia was happy that she didn't need the bath, and Tatiana was happy to have gotten to the bottom of things. No more psychics !! (for now....)

(Written by Julia).


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