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Frozen & Numb

So yesterday I got up at 7 AM because I had to drive to Anchorage to participate in a photo shoot. A married couple that own a (professional) photo studio contacted me a while back, asking if I would like to work with them on a project. I said yes.
We shot at a waterfall in Eagle River, a very beautiful part of Eagle River that I've never been to before, I think the name of the waterfall is Barbara Falls.

I stood ankle deep in that glacier water and let me tell was freakin' FREEZING! If I had fallen into that water, I would had died from hypothermia within five minutes. My feet were frozen and totally numb, it took a while for my poor feet to feel normal again.
I also sat on some rocks, trying to look cute and dreamy while my teeth were shattering and it was somewhat difficult to concentrate on keeping a pose with nice lines when you are that cold. But the photographer was very happy with me, so he said at least. I really do hope we got some good shots, of all the shoots I've done, that one is probably the most uncomfortable I've been, due to how cold I was. But what don't you do for the sake of art?
Afterwards he asked me if I would be interested in working with them on bodyscapes. That's when you focus on a certain area of the body and play with light and shadows, the result can be quite beautiful. This for example......(not me in photo).

After the shoot I needed to eat, I was starving and I also gulped down two cups of hot chai at the Yak & Yeti.

Then - shopping.
Needed some make up and other things. Treats for Chhaya. know. A girl always needs more stuff...... ;-)
Got home a little after midnight and took a nice, warm bath. Now I'm in bed - my eyes are soooooo heavy, time to sleep.......


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Claudia on :

I love these pics and blog...the waterfall is absolutely amazing as well as your other pics.!! Love the bath tub one 2!! Wish I was with you in ALL OF THEM!!

Tatiana on :

I wish you were here too, miss you everyday!

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