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Dumb Shit Girls Say At Work

It's 3 AM! Tatiana is home already! Yeeeeay! We started out so slow tonight, all 11 girls were sitting around in the beginning, no guys were in there. We sat and watched Hangover 2 on the big screen. Tatiana thinks that Bradley Cooper is muy caliente. And she loves Chow, Tatiana wants to be more like Chow......he is amazing. Tatiana's role model!
"We had a sick night bitches!”
"I’m an international criminal."
"It's called not your business, 'kay?"

Anyways.....there are some things that Tatiana's co workers say to the guys that come in that Tatiana finds amusing.
First of all the "I'm the BEST dancer in here, get a dance from me". Tatiana would NEVER say that. Why? Well, everybody likes different things and when a girl says this she is kind of implying that she is willing to give a very "good" lap dance (in fact the BEST in the club, LOL), as in dirty. And since Tatiana doesn't do those kinds of dances she never says dumb shit like that, because she wouldn't be able to deliver.
Actually, Tatiana can pretty much safely say that she is the only girl at the club where she is currently working that does NOT allow anyone to paw on her boobs. EVER. No exceptions. Sorry guys, if you want to squeeze on some boobs it's not going to be Tatiana's. That is NOT included in a lap dance, Tatiana would rather work at McDonald's than sink that low. The boobs include some of the body parts that Tatiana does not share with people she meets at work in a physical way. It's nothing personal, Tatiana follows the rules.
And since when should a lap dance include that anyways?
When guys ask Tatiana if she is the best dancer in there, she usually answers that she is the absolute worst and that she needs lots of practice, maybe she can practice on them? Or she just says "I'm absolutely horrible, you ready for a dance or what?" And sometimes, "Actually it's your lucky night, I took a shower today so right now I don't smell like a fish factory."
Another dumb thing and why girls say this Tatiana does not understand, "I am the hottest girl in the club, get a dance with me". We have a girl right now that doesn't shut up about this, tooting her own horn (the door lady's words), showers herself with compliments about how hot SHE thinks she is.'s usually the guys complimenting the girls, not you complimenting yourself. LOL. She is ok, average looking Tatiana thinks and she has a very annoying loud and whiny voice. Tatiana feels bad for her boyfriend, IF she has one.
If you are pretty, you get compliments from people all night long. Tatiana is so used to them that they go in one ear and out the other. She doesn't pay too much attention to the compliments, some are sincere and others not.
If you really are pretty you do not need to talk like that about yourself.
And one more thing that is kind of hilarious to watch is a girl with large fake boobs that loves to make sure that everybody sees her by lifting her arms straight up and jumping up and down, the boobs jump too. The boobs are nice for fake ones. She will stand around and all of a sudden start jumping up and down. Eeeeh, okay? Well, that's a way to try to get noticed maybe?


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Bil w/1L on :

I just got internet again (due to hurricane) I've been living out in the bayou of Louisiana working on the TV show Swamp People. So what was one of the 1st things I did with the new hook up? Checked in on you to see how you're doing. I shared the picture of you fishing with the cast and crew and they all thought it was a great! Troy Landry (cast member) now thinks more girls should go fishing in bikinis!

What is your Yahoo address? (I know you posted it in the past) I'll send you some pictures of the bayou. It's beautiful in it's own way and yet very harsh.

Tatiana on :

You are working on Swamp People? How cool!

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