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Three nights a week some girls that work at The Bush put on shows. The show usually includes a costume of some sort, sexy firefighter, schoolgirl, goddess, angel, jockey etc and the whole thing is more thought out and elaborate than the usual two songs on stage. The shows have been surprisingly good, the girls are really fun to watch. Tatianas favorite is Daisy. She is a pretty blonde with a great, natural body and she moves really well. Tatiana had a dance from her last week, it was grrrrrrreeeeeaaaaat!!!
Well, yesterday Tatiana watched a really bad show, a freakshow actually. No names mentioned. But this older, in Tatianas opinion, over the hill "dancer" - sorry to say, put on something that was disturbing to watch. During her show she was joined by another over the hill dancer and they drunkenly staggered around and crawled around on stage while squirting lotion on each other from a bottle, desperately trying to look sexy. It was BAD. Tatiana was so embarrassed on their behalf. This performance made Tatiana cringe. Nigtmare inducing for sure.
Somebody needs to retire this lady from her shows. Her old 80's implants are bad and her face not that great either, to put it gently. She might be a wonderful person but that's not the subject here.
Tatiana recalls seeing similar shows at Flashdancers in New York. The club would have "feature" dancers come in a do some kind of a show. Most of these features were older ladies with overly bleached yellow hair and monstrous implants. They would cheerily skip around on stage and look crazy. What if this will be Tatiana one day? OH NO!!! Hopefully she will learn a trade soon, like housewife-ing and retire from dancing before it is too late and she will be the freakshow in the club.


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