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The Olympics

While I was getting ready for work last night I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics.
I liked how all the countries walked in alphabetical order, I really wanted to see Sweden and Poland but had to drive to work.
The also played Pet Shop Boys in the arena, I looooveeeee the Pet Shop Boys!
When I got to work I made them put on the Olympics for me so I could watch the torch and all of that, I thought it was really pretty and felt sentimental and wished for peace on earth.
Anyways, work was kind of busy but not that great. I turned down two dances, yes of course I turn down dances once in a while. Last night a guy wanted to get a dance for his friend but wanted to know how nasty I was willing to be. Well, I do not accomodate requests like that, so I walked away.
Then some guy in a filthy sweatshirt told me he has been fishing all day and looked like it to.
No thanks, I do not need $ 40 THAT bad.
I think it is kind of gross to go out smelling bad to a public bar/club. At least wear some clean clothes, they don't have to be new and fancy but don't smell like BO or fish factory! Yuck!
But it's already kind of late and I am starving. I need food and my latte. Yesterday one of my fave baristas made some art for me on my latte, a heart -how cute!


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Edward haines on :

I looked at your pictures and I found them to be both raw and beautiful.
I didn't like the pictures of those dead dogs or the way they were killed.

Tatiana on :

EDWARD!!!! How nice to hear from you, hope all is well with you! HUGS!

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