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Trying to work tonight

I just got back from walking something called the Tsalteshi trails here in town with Chhaya.
Sitting on the couch trying to find the energy to take a bath and wash my hair and trying to find the motivation to go to work.
It is so easy to just stay at home. Besides there is an issue at work that is bothering me.
You know how I am, I am very sensitive to any kind of unfair practices at my job, whether it's girls getting away with doing dirty dances, charging less for dances, ripping guys off etc.
I think the rules are there to be followed and when girls don't follow them it really affects my income. So I am kind of annoyed with the place I work at right now.


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Mr B on :

Speaking of spiritual things, you had a pretty heavy discussion in Sunday's blog. Good quote and a powerful presentation. Seeing the picture you posted wakes one up real fast. I think you are mostly right and I think you are making a palpable difference by showing your passion. I was pulled right in to your discussion. That said, some of the things you said about the way you feel makes me worry that sometimes you might be carrying too much weight.
I think many people do not like the world and are also out for their own benefit. Me too. I had no choice in showing up human in a world with a lot of problems. I would change most of the rules if it were up to me. But since most people are too dumb to understand rules let alone follow them, I gave that up. I choose not to feel awful about other peoples behavior. I couldn't function if I did. It doesn't change them and they do not care what I think.
I think maybe you like your job holding up the whole world. Depending on how you look at it, it can get better, and some parts are wonderful just the way you hold them up. But of course you are way better than Atlas - you are Tatiana the Supernova! When the feels awful or ashamed of being human rears its dreadful head, slay that dragon. Remember that you are loved and admired for what you do - just the way you do it.

Tatiana on :

Thank You for the kind words......!

Susan on :

Hi Tatiana!
This is super random, but I came across your blog while looking for information about working in Williston. You are so cute! And super honest with your writing - I like that - you rock!!!

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