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I am staying in tonight with my best friend Chhaya, resting my body and my mind. Pizza, ice cream and some reading = good evening.
Looking forward to read about a woman I think was fantastic, Marie Colvin - a brave journalist that perished earlier this year while covering the Arab Spring. I admire journalists that are out there reporting on what is going on in the world, to people like me that hide in the comforts of my warm home.
They are brave, I am not.
Also, there is an article about the slaughtering of wolves, that of course I am totally against.
How easy and cowardly isn't it to go aerial hunting? Just more proof that mankind is the true savage on this planet.
And in case you didn't know, Electric Daisy Carnival drew an estimated 340 000 people this year. I just want to put that out there to all the people that crinkle their noses when I express my happiness and enthusiasm for raves and EDM, especially HOUSE music. Like getting wasted in a country bar or some other place is so much better. And NO, once and for all - I do not go to raves to pop E, ok. I have done E, more than once, no regrets, had the best times on E but last time I did it was probably 2006 or 2007. And before you talk about MDMA you should know that it has been used in therapy sessions by professionals in the medical field in the past and talks about starting that again are in process. And not everybody that goes to raves do drugs.
Yeah, really!
Besides I will probaly do E again and have a list of substances that I would like to try if the timing is right, like ayahuasca and iboga. But would I pop pills or snort lines every day or on a regular basis? NO. I am more on a spiritual and self exploring quest when it comes to substances that alter you.
Actually you would probably do less damage to your body and your brain if you would do some quality MDMA once every couple of years than taking that daily prescribed anti depressant or Ritalin. I believe that E opens up your mind.
To finish this off - I guess there is a Scandinavian moment going on with the success of the latest string of authors and movies coming out of those five countries in Northern Europe. In case you don't know, I grew up in Stockholm, that's the capital of Sweden. :-)
Tack och hej och ha det bra!


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