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Got back from work a little before 5 AM. Showered, now I'm laying in bed with a clay mask on my face eating cherries. I have to care of my skin after all that nasty cigarette smoke exposure - yuck. Can't wait for a facial at Anastasia's sometimes soon. I NEED!
Work was fun. Laughed a lot because I was making my (sick) jokes as always, freaking people out. I should write a blog and explain that a little more but not this time around. Made way more $ on stage last night but did more dances tonight.

I am going to finish the yummy cherries now and sleep. Oh, before I forget.....when I first started dancing I went by "Cherry". LOL. I remember that I was asked what name I wanted to use and I could not think of anything besides a street name in Long Beach close to where I used to live, so Cherry it was - for some time. Not anymore......!


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Kaykay on :

So Tatiana is just a stage name?

Tatiana on :

Maybe no, maybe yes. :-)
If I say yes, then people want to know what my "real" name is.
I get asked this all the time - does it really matter? I could see if my name was Delicious or Bubbles but it's Tatiana - a very common name in many countries around the world.

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