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Yesterday & Today

I love my Hello Kitty hoddie, it is supercute and has lots of nice details, like long sleeves and the polka dots on the inside and on the hood. Wore that to work last night, I never dress up before work because I am changing into something else as soon as I get there anyways.
Met some very nice people yesterday that had served in Irak and Afghanistan. Had a long talk about the situation in the world today, the Taliban, war, religion, election, health care, outsourcing jobs, food issues like shortage and genetically modified food, womens rights - things like that. We agreed on that the world is a sad and scary place and ignorance is indeed bliss. The less you know, the less you have to care. Though I'd rather know, though my heart aches and I get upset.
And I can tell you another thing. I would be too scared to go and fight in a war, how people do it - I don't know. So yes, I think soldiers are very brave though I am against war.

Today I took my Chhaya for a nice walk. Had on my Hunter boots, which I love.

I want another pair. I used to want the pink Hunter boots and though they are very cute, I think I want the green ones instead.
Now they also have Hunter booties, kind of cute but I don't think I would wear them. There are way cuter booties out there, usually when the new fall fashion comes I always fall in love with at least three pairs.


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Anonymous on :

Thanks for the shout out. It's awesome to know that although someone doesn't support war they still support us. Thank you!

Tatiana on :

Hi Mike and Matt (if I'm not mistaken). Of course I support you! What you do is priceless.
I just wish there was a way to solve conflicts without risking people's lives.

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