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Back to fabulous Las Vegas

Today is the day of Tatiana's return to Vegas.
Time goes fast when you are having fun. Thanks for visiting Tatiana at The Bush, she hopes to see you pretty soon again!


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eric aka soyboy on :

hi tatiana,, how are you? i hope all is well, with you? i will be coming to vegas april 5th till aprill 9th. will i be able to see you? where do you work? email me, i would love to hear from you. how was the alaska trip? i ve always wanted to go there too. tell me some good stories. lol
peace and aka eric
ps. i will email you too.

Just a Guy on :

You are the prettiest girl I have ever seen, I am sure you hear this all the time but I just wanted to tell you that.

Mike on :

Yeah, she is something else that Tatiana girl. We hope she will come back and brighten up Alaska with that smile of hers soon.

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