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Some more thoughts on pro-life zealots and stuff.......

Ahhhhhhh........I just got back home from a refreshing run. Enjoying some hot tea now and the feeling of my two sweaty sports bras plastered to my skin. I wear two sports bras when running, I do not like any boob bouncing at all.
So while running I thought of some other stuff I would like to add about pro-life zealots.
I am very curios to find out if there are any pro-lifers out there, good ole' church going folks that have actually been caught and charged with either child abuse, neglect or molesting their own or other people's kids? I am sure those stand up citizens exist amongst degenerates of the likes of me. You know, immoral no good women that take their clothes of for a living. Jeez! Come to think of it........there are plenty of examples of pastors caught red handed doing things to little children that I would never dream of doing. Or look at coach Sandusky.......a prime example making recent headlines.
So before these angry freaks congregate and yell outside abortion clinics while preaching about Jesus and the wrath of God, they should be cleaning up in their own backyards first.
I am sure no woman skips into the clinic to have an abortion with a huge grin on her face.
It's not exactly a FUN thing to do, having an abortion like shopping for a new Prada purse at Neiman's. It's something, that I can safely assume, women do not do without some kind of sadness.
I am a spiritual person, I do not go to church although I do believe in a higher power.
And chakras. I believe in being kind to others and animals. And having respect for the Earth. Sure, I can be a mean bitch - if I have to be. But I try to be mindful and think of the bigger picture and not be totally egotistical and wasteful.

Tune back in tomorrow for some more pics of MEEEEEEE! You know that it is good for your health to look at women in various stages of undress.
And since I am such a nice and caring person I am going to put up more pics of me for everyone to gawk at while improving their health.


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