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At Home

I have to admit that I have been at home since Wednesday, besides going on that trip to Seward. Having my period is a good excuse for me to not go to work. Besides, my stomach cramped so badly yesterday that I had to take a pill for the pain and it's been a while since I had to do that.
After some contemplating I decided to stay at home tonight too. Lexi told me that I have not been missing much, lots of girls and lame.
So, I have been at home enjoying the rain and a few nice evenings at home. Made a fire last night, stayed up late with Chhaya.
Might go for a run this evening, then take a long hot bath.
So if you have missed your favorite long legged long haired beast Tatiana at the club, sorry I am taking a few nights off. Try again next week!


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Claudia on :

I miss my BEAST!!!!! lmfao!!!!

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