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When I dated a male stripper

I met him at Olympic Garden in Las Vegas. I worked there for a while......I never cared for it that much so after I while I just worked at Crazy Horse Too exclusively. Anyways, Olympic Garden had male strippers upstairs Wednesday - Saturday, I am not sure if they still have this going on or not. One evening I went up there with Shelley just to hang out and see the show. His name was Adrian and I thought he was the best looking guy in the club. Super hot! We started talking, the attraction was mutual and he could not believe that I was a dancer when he found out. He thought I was too innocent looking with my pale skin and long, straight brown hair. So many of the dancers in Vegas then had blonde hair extensions, huge fake boobs and a dark tan.....actually that's how it is now too. Though not all girls that dance in Vegas have big boobs and a tan, look at me.
At that time I lived in California and would travel to Vegas every so often. After a few more times of meeting Adrian we started dating.
It was fun and great in the beginning. I thought he was really good looking with his almost black hair that he would spike for work, blue eyes and a great body. He wanted me to stay with him when I came to Vegas and I did. We would get ready for work together and arrive there together. Then after work we would count our money and talk about our respective nights. It was fun.
Then one night he took me and Shelley to Utopia. It was one of the best nightclubs Vegas ever had, the best in my opinion. Forget about XS, Pure and whatever else they have now, Utopia was THE BEST. People still talk about that place. I have so many memories from there, I did my first E there and it was amazing.
Anyways, Adrian soon became jealous of my friendship with Shelley. Then there was a girl from his past that came back into the picture, she worked at Olympic Garden too and used to stare at me, she was upset I got to stay with him although she had dated him at some point and he had never asked her to stay with him. He thought she looked like Salma Hayek, I thought she looked like a curvy, almost chunky brunette with bad teeth. They started seeing each other again on and off and me and him were still seeing each other when I would come to Vegas.
Well, in the end the relationship didn't go too far, it was fun while it lasted. He was nice to look at but could be way too judgmental (I do not like that) and kind of jealous.
He spied on me a few times while I worked and would then throw it in my face though I never went upstairs to spy on him while he was dancing for women. He didn't like that I did lap dances for guys.
I think that the guys stripping upstairs at Olympic Garden were way more friendly with the women than most of us girls downstairs would be with the guys. More lovey dovey, holding hands, compliments - that kind of stuff.
The guys did $ 20 lap dances too. But their stage shows were more thought out than the girl strippers. All most of us girls do is go on stage for two songs, dance around a little, pose and twirl around the pole. The guys actually designed a whole theme for themselves, picked their music carefully and would also wear some kind of a costume to go with it too. Some of them were very good.
The women that went to see the guys strip would scream at the top of their lungs and tear at the guys. I would be horrified if guys would rip into me like that while on stage, that would never happen.
Adrian told me that the first weeks of stripping were very exciting for him. He felt great, sexually in power, women would fawn over him while giving him money, he loved it. But after some time he grew tired of it. In the end he reached a point where he couldn't stand it when women would be loud, lewd, obnoxious and crazy. And no, far from popular belief, not all male strippers are gay. That rumor must have been started by some angry, jealous "regular" guy not working as a male stripper. I knew plenty of straight guys that stripped upstairs at Olympic Garden.
Me and Adrian kept in touch as friends for a while though I have no clue to what he is doing today. I did meet up with him a few years after we had stopped dating, I lived in Vegas then. I didn't think he was that good looking anymore, he had gotten pudgy.


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Bil w/1L on :

Hi Tatiana,
I'm the Texan you meet a few days ago at work who was shooting the comedy video. I wanted to thank you for all the great info on hikes around the area. We went to the Hand Tram Trail outside Girdwood. The tram was closed but we made a joke about it in the video. The whole time we were shooting, people on the other side keep pulling on the car that was chained up. I ended up yelling at them (a little mean) to make them stop pulling and that it was broken. I guess they could not read English. We went to Mt Aleyaska and ate lunch at the base but decided to head back to town. I did get some great still photos there. We stopped off in the "Bush Company" in Anchorage last night and stayed about 15 minutes. I told my buddy that we might as well leave because I had already meet the coolest, best looking Dancer in the state and she was not there. Thanks for the link, I'll send you a link to the video when it's complete. In the mean time, I'm stuck in the Anchorage Airport for the next 6 hours and I think I'll read more of your blog.


Tatiana on :

Hi Bil!
Too bad that the tram was closed!
You should had hiked up Mt Aleyaska and taken that tram for free down, though it's a fairly sweaty hike up the mountain. Yes, send me a link to the video.
Thanks for the compliment.....!

Claudia on :

OMG...I had a male stripper phase myself from OG's his name was Chad and he was a hot mess....very good looking but too much of a party animal even for me!! lol....Soo true how aggressive the women get over the male dancers...FUNNY SHIT!!

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