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I needed to take a break fom laying out in the sun. Eating and writing now, going back outside later.
Sooooo, the last few days at work have been awful. I guess this is the worst June ever? It depends on the fish. This town depends heavily on the fishing season during the summer, people come here in droves from all around the world for just that, well at least they used to.
It's that king salmon they want, the bigger the better. Well, Fish and Game has decided that you cannot catch any king salmon right now, neither are you allowed to do catch and release. Some people think it is amusing to catch a fish, traumatize it and then let it go.
Why I do not know. I guess that's part of the allure of fishing (???). I don't fish. Last time I fished I think I was nine. At a lake in Sweden.
I did catch a fish. That fish got buried, I made a cross for it, put flowers on it's grave and shed a few tears. I am sorry little fishy that I hurt you! I remember you even to this day. Do I ever eat fish? I have but it's rarely that I do. I eat meat but rarely also. If people cared to find out how the animals are treated and how they are killed most would be appalled. It is very very bad and very sad. I love animals but right now I can't say that I am 100% vegetarian.
So, since the fishing for the king salmon is on hold right now, we are not seeing as many people here, it's actually a severe drop. I also think that people are traveling less due to the high expenses related to travel. And when it's all said and done, most don't have a few spare 100's to go and throw around in the strip club.

Then the man that complained to management a few weeks ago that I am mean and rude (booohoooo) was in last night. He apologized to me and said that he had no right to insult me. Exactly! Of course I accepted the apology. Then he wanted to chat with me all night, it became somewhat annoying rather fast. He is kind of nice but I am not a big fan of getting burped in the face, he did that three times , yuck! He also likes to trash talk the other girls. And I do not sit around with guys that I do not know and talk bad about my co workers regardless of what I think about them. I will and do talk trash (the truth) about other people to people that I know and in case you wonder, I have no problem standing by my opinions. If I don't like you for whatever reason and you really want to know how I feel, I will gladly inform you of it. And of course I will write about how I perceive certain people and situations HERE. ;-)
Then we had another lame guy in last night. He sat at the bar stage, we have a small stage with a pole inside the bar. He kept on staring at me while I was dancing like a bona fide perv. Finally halfway through my second song I looked at him and said, "Are you going to tip me"?
He looked like a confused dummy.......tip? What? Yes, T-I-P you moron, common practice in a strip club, especially since you are staring at me like a hungry dog. So he reluctantly gives me ONE dollar. LOL. And by the way, he didn't tip the other girls either. So I am not totally out of line here people!
Then he kept on looking at me when I was sitting opposite from him but I just ignored him, of course. Why should I even bother? A little later I walked by him and some girl must had told him that I am Polish because he said something in Polish to me. And I said, "Now you want to talk after you didn't even want to tip me when I was one stage......puhleease". The moron said, "But I did tip you". "Yeah, after I asked for a tip", I said. "Save your language skills for somebody that wants to hear them because I don't", I said and sauntered away. Kiss my ass buddy and save your dollar. You know how to say something in Polish? Wow. Yeah, besides being fluent in three languages I also know how to communicate in two more, that makes it five total. So I am not impressed by you. And on top of that, if and when I go to a strip club I have the deceny to tip the girls if I sit at the stage.

Then we had some more drama. After I had already left the other night, one of my co workers tried to pickpocket one of the guys! Can you believe this? I do not care how annoying guys can be at times in the club, I would never steal from anyone in there. And this is supposedly not the first time she had done something like this. And guess what? She didn't get fired! I am VERY surprised and disappointed, this girl needs to go. She is the one that walks around telling guys that she is "easy and sleazy". She sits at the bar and lets guys dig up inside her butt cheeks. And she supposedly, according to another girl, kept on dropping some kind of pill out of her purse, like Percocet or something.
If anyone is going to contribute to the clubs demise it is going to be her (and other girls that act like that). I do not care if you are a slut and a thief outside of the club, do whatever you want in your private life. But acting like that at a place where I work, destroying my income is absolutely not ok. And I like this girl, she seems pretty nice and she is really funny BUT her behavior at work is totally wrong in too many ways. Therefore, she should no be allowed to work there.
And another thing, the one that got butt hurt because I would not let her go on stage before me the other night.......she was wasted by
9 30 PM and had to take a taxi home. Really classy. Seriously, control yourself. She is a drunk sorry slob. And I heard that she too tried to swipe some money that did not belong to her recently. What is up with that? Oh and she thinks that all the girls are jealous of her too. Really? LOL. The day when I will be jealous of a drunk, trashy, overweight slob with a shapeless body and a bad face will never come. And I highly doubt that anyone else in there is jealous of her sorry ass, she is THAT pathetic.
Well, enough of this for now. Just wanted to let you know what's been going on at work the last couple of nights.


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Anonymous on :

I love your work stories. You tell them so well!

Tatiana on :

Thank You Darling! Glad you like them!

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