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Chilly Morning

Just got home. Chilly out, only 42˚ F according to some thermometer I passed on my way home.
Work was kind of sloooow, a very slow start at least. Had some minor drama with a girl that did not want to go on stage after me because she "didn't want Tatiana to take all the money". Really? Like guys only tip one girl and that's it. It's not like they sit and wait just for me and then throw all their money on me, well majority of them don't at least, it would be nice if that was the case though. Usually I let girls go ahead of me when they ask, I've done that before but this girl annoys me, she talks shit, has a bad attitude and does dirty lap dances, so why should I help her out? DA NANG!
Yesterday I went to the movies with Lexi, we saw Rock Of Ages . Lots of singing, because it's a musical with 80's Rock music. I liked it, it was entertaining and they sang "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner - I LOVE that song! I also liked the strip club scenes in the movie, nice showcase of talent. I think we are going to the movies next week again.
But I am going to bed now.......feeling sleepy.


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