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Meat recall

Have you heard about the meat recall in California? The largest in US history, 143 MILLION pounds recalled, meat unfit for human consumption. GROSS! Tatiana cannot view the videos on this, because they show animal abuse and she will cry and have bad thoughts.
Ok, maybe time to go vegetarian again. Tatiana does not eat a lot of meat anyways, but she cannot resist the delicious sausages at the Polish Deli in Vegas......Twice before she has been a vegetarian, both times it lasted well over a year. The reason is because she saw footage on how the animals are treated during their lifetime and right before slaughter. It is really disturbing. Tatiana has no need for meat really. She would rather hug a cow instead of eat one. Cows are really cute and sensitive.
Her friend Elaine in New York used to be a vegetarian but is now a vegan, you can read about her vegan experiences on her blog, look under Tatiana's links and you can click on Elaine's blog.
Tatiana recently read an article about people who are meat eaters, vegetarians or vegans that will not date somebody unless that person is "the same" as them.
Since food is such a large part of our daily life some people find it hard to spend time with a significant other unless sharing meals is an enjoyable experience instead of an annoying one.
Like if you are a vegan you might be repulsed if you bf or gf is chowing down on a juicy steak in front of you. Tatiana thinks that people that eat a lot of meat are probably more aggressive than the ones that eat a little or no meat. She read that somewhere, there might be some truth to that. if you need extra convincing to cut down on your meat consumption.


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